Monday 16 May 2022
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Cari McLean discusses HIMSS16 on The Healthcare Podcasters Blab

HIMSS16 on the Healthcare Podcasters Blab

We are excited to bring you this re-cap of The Healthcare Podcaster Blab on Monday 2/15/16 featuring Janet Kennedy, host of Get Social Health (@GetSocialHealth),  Jared Johnson, host of The Health IT Marketer Podcast (@JaredPiano), our Joe Lavelle (@Resultant) and Todd Eury, host of the Pharmacy Podcast(@PharmacyPodcast). The Healthcare Podcaster Blab is a weekly show in which we explore current topics that we are seeing on our shows and in which we feature a special guest, often related to the topics being discussed.  Janet and Todd were unable to make it this week. 

Special Guest:

  • Cari McLeanDirector of Social Media for HIMSS.  Cari directs the social media strategy for HIMSS. When not working, she’s studying for her MBA or perusing brands on social, you’ll find her atyoga or checking out an art gallery or dance performance.  Cari joined us to discuss #HIMSS16, the upcoming HIMSS Conference and Exhibition March 1-4 in Las Vegas.  We apologize to Cari and to our audience for the technical difficulties that we had during our chat with Cari, but she was a TOTAL pro and ran without a host for a couple segments!!! Thank you Cari!

HIMSS16 on the Healthcare Podcasters Blab

The Healthcare Podcasters Blab 2/15/16:

Cari shares some really great information for the very first time and you don’t want to miss it!


“Pop-in” GUESTS (We are ALWAYS happy to have guests pop-in and add to the conversation)

  • Dr. Chuck Webster, @wareFLO, was gracious to join when we were having some technical difficulties.  Thank you Chuck! Check out Chuck’s Blog when you get a minute.


himss16 tweetABLEIf you have not already done so, we strongly encourage you to Register Now for HIMSS ’16, so you can join over 40,000 of our closest friends for our annual #HealthIT extravaganza in Las Vegas on March 1-4.

intrepidNow Healthcare is collaborating with JVION to broadcast our show live from HIMSS ’16.   The show will be called #PredictWhatMatters and you will be able to listen in to many great interviews here during and after HIMSS ’16.

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