Wednesday 1 February 2023
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Bringing AI to Healthcare Communications

Bringing AI to Healthcare Communications

Bringing AI to Healthcare Communications

TODAYS GUEST Jeff Fritz, Director and CEO, Revel

Jeff joined us to discuss how Revel is Bringing AI to Healthcare Communications.  Specifically, we discussed the following with Jeff:

  1. (2:23) Why do you think healthcare communications are broken, and what is the impact of that disconnect?
  2. (5:47) What’s the difference between health engagement and health action, and how do they relate to one another?
  3. (7:56) Explain some of the lessons from retail that we need to incorporate into healthcare communications?
  4. (10:24) How do you feel the industry is doing in terms of health information exchange compared to five years ago?
  5. (14:31) With all this data, how can AI and machine learning help with healthcare communications?
  6. (17:04) What do you want listeners to think about when they think about Revel?

About Jeff Fritz

Jeff joined Revel in early 2017 to define and lead the next strategic leap of the company. An experienced, innovation-centric CEO, Jeff leverages experience in healthcare and financial services technology to help the company meet the market where it is and where it is likely to be.

Jeff is credited with several growth technology successes including the foundation of Storyworks1 (now Insite Software) and Evolution1 (now WEX Health), one of the first and most successful organizations to introduce consumer-driven healthcare account technology based on a software-as-a-service model.

Jeff is passionate about customer experience methodologies, XaaS, population health initiatives, and modern software technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Management from Drake University. A Minnesota native and Eagle Scout, Jeff and his family are enthusiastic about connecting with nature, outdoor sports, travel and great food.

About Revel


Since 2006, we’ve been centered on the individual, creating health action programs that use advanced analytics and AI to move people to do things that are good for them. We know that people don’t think of themselves as “members” or “patients”, so why should we? We partner with health plans and providers to run health action programs with the goal of creating better outcomes and healthier humans.

We’re a collaborative team of trailblazers, inventors, and freethinkers. We speak truth, are driven by data, and always sweat the details. We’ve been told we’re a friendly and easygoing group, but we work hard because we know a better way. And we’re here to make it happen.

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