Monday 16 May 2022
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Advocacy: Putting Healthcare Back Into the Hands of Patients

Advocacy: Putting Healthcare Back Into the Hands of Patients

Advocacy: Putting Healthcare Back Into the Hands of Patients


Mandy Long, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Patronus Health


Mandy joined us to discuss Health Advocacy from the financial perspective and how her new venture is Putting Healthcare Back Into the Hands of Patients.  Specifically, we discuss the following with Mandy:

  1. (2:23) What inspired you to create Patronus Health?
  2. (4:17) Will you describe for us the medical debt crisis in America?
  3. (6:24) There is lots of talk about consumerism in healthcare, were are we really related to patients being real consumers?
  4. (8:39) How can patients take back their health care experience? What tips can you offer?
  5. (11:08) What is Healthcare Advocacy? Who needs an advocate?
  6. (17:13) What is the state of Technology in the health advocacy space? (and why it needs to be disrupted)
  7. (24:26) What’s next for you and Patronus Health? What are you going to be focused on for the next 6 months?

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Listen to our previous interview with Mandy.

About Patronus Health

Patronus Health was founded to put healthcare back into the hands of patients. Our goal is to help everyday consumers take control over their care and navigate the complex medical ecosystem in a way that reduces medical costs and eliminates burdensome expenses.

When illness strikes, the last thing patients need is the added stress of a seemingly unnavigable medical maze. During this hard time, patients don’t want to spend inordinate amounts of time sorting out treatment options and finding affordable, high-quality physicians when they should be spending this period recovering.

With Patronus Health, you don’t have to stumble through the healthcare system alone, nor do you have to pay more for care than is necessary. Our in-house advocates assist and support clients through periods of illness and treatments. They work with patients to help them understand their options and find the most cost-effective services. We do what most patients are too unwell or unable to do for themselves. We provide relief for any individual or enterprise who wants to lower their healthcare and benefit spending and a platform for healthcare advocates and experts to connect with clientele.

Patronus is here to help you fight and take back control. We are here to help advocates join in reducing the national medical debt and bringing relief to patients struggling with healthcare bills. We connect and empower patients with an army of people, data, and technology.

About Mandy Long

Mandy Long is the founder, CEO, and Chairman of Patronus Health. She is a healthcare technology veteran with a history of leading product teams and strategies at Modernizing Medicine, Experian Health, and Epic. In those roles, Mandy focused on products benefitting providers, pharmaceutical companies, and payers, but with the founding of Patronus, she has pivoted to focus on helping patients. In addition to being the former Chair of the Clinician Experience Workgroup for the HIMSS Electronic Health Records Association (EHRA), Mandy was named one of 2017’s Most Powerful Women in Healthcare and was the recipient of a 40 Under 40 Award

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