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2018 Top 10

Top 10 of 2018Every single one of our guests in 2018 was amazing in many ways and we are thankful to all of them for taking the time and energy to work with us to share their stories! However, the time of year has come to understand who are listeners found to be the most amazing.  As such, we are proud to present our Top 10 of 2018 as measured by the number of opens!  Please go back and enjoy these great posts/conversations all over again!


Internet Safety for Parents, A Summary

Internet Safety of Parents, A Summary


The Latest in DUI and DUID Toxicology

Aya Chan-Hosokawa, Forensic Toxicologist, NMS Labs

The Latest in DUI and DUID Toxicology


Navin Haffty Studies Show MEDITECH Hospitals Are More Profitable and Have Better Clinical Quality Scores

John Haffty, CEO and 

David Haffty, Director of Business Development, Navin, Haffty and Associates

Navin Haffty Studies Show MEDITECH Hospitals More Profitable and Higher Quality


Exploring Novel Psychoactive Substances

Donna Papsun, Forensic Toxicologist,

NMS Labs

Exploring Novel Psychoactive Substances


Christine Parent, VP Marketing, MEDITECH

How MEDITECH is Leading the Way to #HIMSS18


Internet Safety for Parents with Richard GuerryRichard Guerry, Co-Founder, (IROC2)

Internet Safety for Parents with Richard Guerry


AI in Healthcare, Finally!

Guy Scalzi, Chairman, Vantari Ventures

Vamsi Chandra, Senior VP, Practo

AI in Healthcare, Finally!


Bringing AI to Healthcare Communications

Jeff Fritz, Director and CEO, Revel

Bringing AI to Healthcare Communications


Dave Wojczynski, Director and CEO, TransUnion Healthcare

TransUnion Teems to Reduce Medical Debt


Patient Financial Engagement: The Patient is the New Payer

Johnathan Wiik, Principal, TransUnion Healthcare

Update: The Patient is the New Payer

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