Friday 27 January 2023
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Is the future branded and sponsored content?

Lots of people ask what I am doing with my company, and what does the future of my business look like. Well, I finally have a simple way to express what I am building. It came from a recent article that explained how (and why) Mashable is making a major pivot in what it is doing. Here is a clip from the piece:

High demand for branded and sponsored content. Brands are increasingly looking to shift ad budgets to branded and sponsored content. Sponsored content is often created by both the advertiser and publisher and therefore takes the look, feel, and editorial direction of its surrounding content. Most major publishers now have their own branded and sponsored content studios that are raking in a significant share of ad revenue from these studios. The Atlantic, for example, claims that more than 60% of its ad revenue comes from sponsored content.

Never mind for a second, with regards to Mashable, that I was personally ahead of this curve. 😉

In case you aren’t aware, how is this work manifesting itself in what I am currently doing? You can see a large portfolio of my work in this space by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!

branded and sponsored content

A future series…

The work I am doing in this space is the fastest growing segment of my business. And I would be willing to bet that in six months, this type of work will account for a majority of the revenue I will bring into my company.

And the product development of how these business series of mine will continue to evolve, advance, and improve is where I am spending a majority of my time and innovation mindshare.

It is amazing to me how receptive organizations are to doing work of this kind.

The true beauty of my model is that this work benefits BOTH sides: I get to publish amazing content that entertains and educates my audience. But I also create white-labeled content that my client/sponsor gets to integrate into their own content marketing flow.

Win/wins are good. For everyone.

With the proliferation of platforms everywhere that are designed to share and showcase content of all varieties, it’s high time you figure out how to do two things:

1. Create content that will present well on these multitudes of platforms.
2. Become a platform yourself, and entertain and/or educate a target market important to you (and those important to you).

I will admit that to see the likes of Mashable moving this direction is reaffirming to me.

I will never be Mashable, and don’t intend to be. But the intense focus on being a media company that is focused on branded and sponsored content is an important strategic direction for my company.

And the ride promises to be a fun and rollicking one!


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