Wednesday 22 September 2021
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Mike Leathers & Thompson Pipe Group

Thompson Pipe Group boasts that they’re “changing the world one pipe at a time,” and that their product is the next...

Mark Fernandes, intrepidNOW

Mark Fernandes: Values Based Leadership

We kick off Season 2 of Stories of Creative Leadership with Mark Fernandes, Chief Leadership Officer, Luck Companies. [Complete...

Tony Vengrove, intrepidNOW, Creative Leadership

The Stories of Creative Leadership: Season Two Premiers January 2015

By Tony Vengrove and Todd Schnick We’re excited to announce that IntrepidNOW’s roundtable discussion, The Stories of Creative...

Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly: How to think differently, and why

Joined today by Kevin Kelly: Writer, Thinker, Student, and Futurist. Kevin, who I think is one of the most interesting people on the...

Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble: Context is everything

[Listening via email? CLICK HERE to listen NOW!] Wow, what a whirlwind conversation, not your usual fare on Intrepid Radio! I was out of...

Ivy Ross

An (innovative) chat with Google Glass’s Ivy Ross

Welcome to Episode Nine of The Seven C’s of Creative Leadership. Today, we conclude the series, interview Google Glass’s Ivy...

Denis Budniewski

Courage and Creative Leadership

Welcome to Episode Eight of The Seven C’s of Creative Leadership. Today, we discuss the seventh and final “C” –...