Wednesday 1 February 2023
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David Heinemeier Hansson on working remotely

I’ve long been a fan of 37signals, including being a customer. So, I was thrilled to hear that Jason Fried and Davis Heinemeier...

Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly: How to think differently, and why

Joined today by Kevin Kelly: Writer, Thinker, Student, and Futurist. Kevin, who I think is one of the most interesting people on the...

Chris Lopinto

Chris Lopinto: Become an expert flyer

[Reading this via email? CLICK HERE to listen NOW!] Joined today by Chris Lopinto, the President and Co-Founder of Some...

Philip Krim

Philip Krim: Disrupting markets with Direct-to-Consumer

Reading this via email? CLICK HERE to listen NOW! WHO: Philip Krim WHAT: CEO + Co-Founder WHERE: Casper (link) “Why lie awake on a...

Jade Simmons

Jade Simmons: We are all emerging artists!

Reading via email? CLICK HERE to listen now! TODAY’S GUEST: JADE SIMMONS Concert pianist and emergence specialist JADEMEDIA.ORG...

Chuck Ganapathi

Chuck Ganapathi: The true facilitation of human business

Joined today by Chuck Ganapathi, Founder + CEO of Tactile (link). He joined me to discuss his organizations first app, Tact: Finely tuned...

Tim Peterson

On Arbor’s Tim Peterson: Bitcoin and the future of publishing

WHO: Dr. Tim Peterson WHAT: Founder + CEO WHERE: ON ARBOR Today’s discussion guide: 1. What is Bitcoin? In laymen’s...

Ben Huston

BEN HUSTON: How Car Vending Machines Will Disrupt the Auto Industry!

After listening to this, you will never buy a used car the same way again… Ben Huston is the director of market operations and...

Sean Gordon

Sean Gordon: The Future of “Human” Marketing and Sales Automation

Sean Gordon’s passion is ensuring that his customers and employees win every day. Sean is the CEO of Intelliverse. He drives Intelliverse...