Thursday 21 October 2021
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The Memory Kit

Incubator 029: Jeff Gray of The Memory Kit, for families dealing with dementia and alzheimers

Joined in studio today by Jeff Gray, Founder + CEO of The Memory Kit. The Memory Kit is a way to revel in the amazing life and legacy of a...

Bobby Valentine

Incubator 028: Bobby Valentine: Support great causes while exercising

Joined in studio today by Bobby Valentine, CEO of fitRaise: Support great causes while exercising; earn donations while you run, walk, or...

Chris Estrada

Incubator 027: Chris Estrada: Serving the changing workforce!

Joined in studio today by Chris Estrada, CEO of The Operation Spot. [From their website:] Opening a coworking space is more complex than...


Louis Gump and NewsON: Local News, Nationwide!

Joined in studio today by Louis Gump, CEO of NewsON! Find the app on the iTunes store here! Introducing a groundbreaking service,...

Judy Robinett

Judy Robinett: Funding your company

Joined in studio today by Judy Robinett, funding expert, author, and speaker. Judy is the author of How to Be a Power Connector. You can...

David Trice

David Trice of on the Incubator!

Joined in studio today by David Trice, CEO of is the only technology putting the customer clearly at the center of the...

MD Burns Nash

MD Burns Nash on the Incubator

Joined in studio today by both Armand Kadima and Beverly Pryce, Partners of MD Burns Nash: A leading boutique consulting firm, specializing...

Restaurant Purchasing App

Mark Haidet of Orderly: A Restaurant Purchasing App

Joined in studio today by Mark Haidet, the CEO of Orderly, a restaurant purchasing app for ordering, invoicing & inventory. Notes and...

personal butler service

Thanks Geoffrey on the Incubator: Your personal butler service

Joined in studio today by Michael Patrick, Founder + CEO, of Thanks Geoffrey, your own personal and shared butler service! Notes and...

free comic books

Farrago Comics on the Incubator: Free comic books

Joined in studio today by Marty Fleischmann, CEO + Co-Founder, of Farrago Comics: Awesome comic books by the best creators and publishers,...