Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Category: The Healthcare Podcasters Blab

Healthcare Podcasters

Great Interviews with Healthcare Podcasters

I am proud to have had Healthcare Podcasters Todd Eury, Jared Johnson and Janet Kennedy all on our show AND I have been a guest on each of...

Social Media for Small Physician Practices

Leading the Way in Social Media for Small Physician Practices

TODAYS GUEST Janet Kennedy, Host of Get Social Health Janet joined us to discuss how she is Leading the way in Social Media for Small...

Healthcare Podcasters

Healthcare Podcasters on Blab

I am VERY excited to announce a weekly collaboration on Blab with Rock Star Healthcare Podcasters Janet Kennedy (@GetSocialHealth), Jared...

Pharmacy Podcast

Leading the Way in Pharmacy with the Pharmacy Podcast

TODAYS GUEST Todd Eury, Founder and Publisher or Pharmacy Podcast Todd joined us to tell us about the great things he is doing  on the...

Leading the Way in Healthcare Marketing

TODAYS GUEST Jared Johnson, Founder and Principal of UItera Digital  Jared joined us to tell us about podcasting, the great Healthcare...