Saturday 22 September 2018
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Category: Telemedicine

Leading the Way in Patient Communications with VerbalCare

TODAYS GUEST Nick Dougherty, Co-Founder and CEO at VerbalCare  Nick joined us to discuss patient communications.  Specifically we...

Ray Costantini, intrepidNOW

Higher quality care, in less time. You might not even have to go to the doctor!

A thrill to welcome Ray Costantini to the show! Ray is the Co-founder and CEO of Bright.MD, which builds software that cuts the cost of...

Leading the Way for Telemedicine in Palliative Care with Resolution Care

TODAYS GUEST Dr. Michael Fratkin, Founder and CEO of ResolutionCare Dr. Fratkin joined us to discuss how his practice has incorporated...

Heal, intrepidNOW

Renee Dua: Feel better with one tap!

A total joy to speak with Dr. Renee Dua, Founder + Chief Medical Officer, of Heal. This conversation strikes me as a discussion about the...

Sam Zebarjadi

Sam Zebarjadi: Old school patient care delivered by modern mobile technology

TODAY’S GUEST: Sam Zebarjadi Co-Founder + CEO Medicast (link) Download the app here (link)! NOTES FROM THE CONVERSATION: Doctors on...