Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Category: Telemedicine

Telemedicine done right

Enabling a Strategic View of Telemedicine

TODAYS GUEST Dr. Roy Schoenberg, CEO and Co-Founder of American Well  Dr. Schoenberg joined us to provide great insights on...

Chronic Care Management Platform for Small Practices

Leading Chronic Care Management Platform for Small Practices

TODAYS GUEST Nat Findlay, CEO of Hello Health Nat joined us to discuss how Hello Health is quickly becoming the leading Chronic Care...

Telemedicine Advisory Services

Leading the Way in Telemedicine Advisory Services

TODAYS GUEST Dr. Richard Bakalar, Managing Director of Advisory Healthcare Solutions for KPMG  Dr. Bakalar joined us to discuss how...

Legal Issues in Telemedicine

Leading the Way Through Legal Issues in Telemedicine

TODAYS GUESTS Glenn Prives and Cecylia Hahn, Attorneys with  McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, LLP  Glenn and Cecylia joined...

World-Class Urgent Care Telemedicine

Accessing World-Class Urgent Care via Telemedicine

TODAYS GUEST Dr. Linda Anegawa, a Founding Physician of PlushCare   Dr. Anegawa joined us to discuss how PlushCare is...


Leading the Way in Active Patient Monitoring

TODAYS GUEST Greg Westerbeck, CEO  of DocView Solutions  Greg joined us to discuss how DocView Solutions is quickly becoming the leading...

Telemedicine New York City

Leading the Way in On-Demand, In-Home Healthcare

TODAYS GUEST Faris Ghawi, Co-Founder and Director of Strategy at  Vytalize Health  Faris joined us to discuss how Vytalize Health is...

Urgent Care Telemedicine

Leading the Way in Urgent Care Telemedicine

TODAYS GUEST Dr. Bobby Park, Director of Virtual Healthcare Delivery at RelyMD  Dr. Park joined us to discuss how RelyMD is bringing...

Health Attitude

Solving the Complexities of Healthcare Will Require a Health Attitude

TODAYS GUEST Dr. John Patrick, Author of Health Attitude, Unraveling and Solving the Complexities of Healthcare Dr. Patrick joined us to...

Leading the Way in TeleMedicine for Eye Care with Opternative

TODAYS GUEST Aaron Dallek, Co-Founder and CEO at Opternative Aaron joined us to discuss how Opternative is revolutionizing Eye...