Wednesday 1 February 2023
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Visual communications. Without visuals.

In Episode 7, we learn how to create more impactful visual communications. Without visuals. How? By leveraging metaphors, thinking like a child, and showing, not telling. Words, can also create visual impressions…

Slice Radio, Michael Taylor

Welcome to SliceRadio! Helping you slice through the noise, and to better connect with the people most important to your business. According to SLICE host Michael Taylor: “We all need two things to be successful in this world: 1. other people and 2. The ability to connect with them.” SLICE is about helping you nail #2 by communicating with power and clarity anywhere you need to make things happen.

Micheal Taylor, intrepidNOW

Notes and discussion guide from Episode 7: Impactful visual communications. Without visuals

1. How do you define “visual” communications? Is it only about images? [Hint: words create visuals too…]

2. It’s not just seeing. It’s seeing AND feeling. When you do that, it sticks.

3. The power of metaphor. A well-used metaphor helps you relate to an idea…

4. Think like a child. In other words, stop looking at things objectively. Rather, look at things visually and metaphorically.

5. “Show me, don’t tell me.”

6. By showing, you are relating to someone, you are feeling the same thing as you. And people respond to messaging better when they feel like that.

7. Finally, time for the “Weasel of the Week!”

About your co-host, Michael Taylor:

Michael Taylor learned a few big things from his 20 years of simplifying heinously complicated businesses…so he started SimpleMind, a strategic marketing firm that helps companies with complex offerings translate their value.

Michael led strategic marketing teams for over 100 companies growing his award winning marketing agency to serving fortune 500 clients in 12 cities and 6 countries until selling an equity stake of his company to a large consulting company in 2005.


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SimpleMind helps companies and leaders convey complex ideas with force and clarity. The harder your offerings are to explain, understand, or sell, the more value we bring.

We are communication experts, designers, facilitators, writers and digital specialists. We’ll help you deliver your story and ideas with force consistently, in your sales presentations, through your website, through social channels, and in your electronic and print materials.

Over 100 of the world’s top companies have relied on SimpleMind to energize customers, new markets, and teams through improved communications.




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