Wednesday 20 October 2021
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Tony Stubblebine: Getting the most out of your cognitive budget

Joined today by Tony Stubblebine, Founder + CEO, of [From their iOS page:] is the ultimate productivity community. Together, we’ve achieved more than 50 million goals. Every aspect of our app and community is focused on helping you achieve mastery. From day one, we show you your progress, celebrate your milestones, and answer your questions. As you achieve mastery, you’ll have a chance to prove it by helping other people in the community. As you reach the highest level, you may be invited to become a personal coach yourself….

Tony Stubblebine, intrepidNOWToday’s discussion guide:

How MOST OF US spend our cognitive budget poorly. And what can do to change that…

All the great ones, such as Tom Brady, succeed and thrive because they’ve hired team of coaches to elevate them to the top levels. With, you can now enlist YOUR OWN team of coaches.

And, why a “team of coaches” matters to you!

This can be for solo personal development, AND it can be integrated into a broader TEAM coaching platform!

How and why sharpened its focus from goal tracking to coaching.

Why corporate coaching is backwards – people tend to get it when they reach executive management, but often need the skills they gain from it in order to rise in a company.

Coaching as a secret weapon for managers looking to sharpen the skills of their team (minimum time/$ investment for daily accountability).

How this model fits in with the freelance economy. will be opening enrollment for new coaches in the next few weeks – what the company is looking for in new coaches and how they can make money. Also, what qualities make a great coach.

About Tony Stubblebine:

Tony co-founded (formerly Lift) on the idea that positive reinforcement and community support could be deployed universally to help people achieve their goals. Prior to, he was the founder and CEO of CrowdVine Event Social Networks, which builds simple and powerful social software to help people connect and meet. He was part of the Wesabe launch team, Director of Engineering at and Engineering Lead for O’Reilly Media. He is the author of Regular Expression Pocket Reference (O’Reilly).


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