Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Stu Heinecke: How to get a meeting with anyone

Joined today by Stu Heinecke, Wall Street Journal cartoonist, marketing professional, and author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone. CLICK HERE to learn more about Stu and his work!

Stu Heinecke

Discussion guide from my conversation with Stu Heinecke:

1. We discuss “contact marketing.” What is it, and how is it used?

2. Stu and I discuss how he connected to presidents and prime ministers, and how I connected to my boyhood idol

3. Many people still aren’t hosting a podcast, and MOST people cannot draw cartoons. Are there other examples of how people can leverage contact marketing to get a meeting with anyone?

4. And yes, you can leverage social media tools as an effective way to be a contact marketer. As long as you don’t “pitch…”

5. “Use social media to create connections where you didn’t have them before…”

6. Can you still use email as an effective contact marketing strategy?

7. Contact marketing is all about humanizing yourself to your target market.

8. We all know the concept that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. Well, contact marketing is simply HOW to get people to know, like, and trust you. To make them think “This is someone worth talking to…”

9. Stu talks about the “sword campaign.” You won’t want to miss this story about contact marketing…

10. Giving gifts can work, but especially when the gift is a visual metaphor!

11. The whole point to contact marketing is to take an action that gets your target marketing thinking and wanting to talk with you…

12. Contact marketing done right leads to referrals like you cannot imagine…

13. Hear Stu talk about a $10,000 [per contact] example of contact marketing!

Check out Stu Heinecke’s book!

About Stu Heinecke:

If ever there were someone born to write a book like How To Get A Meeting with Anyone, Stu Heinecke would be that person. A Wall Street Journal cartoonist, Hall of Fame-nominated marketer and author, Heinecke discovered the magic of “Contact Marketing” early in his career, when he launched a Contact Campaign to just two dozen Vice Presidents and Directors of Circulation at the big Manhattan-based magazine publishers. That tiny $100 investment resulted in a 100% response rate, launched his enterprise and brought in millions of dollars worth of business.

Stu Heinecke

The cartoon Stu sent me when we first met…

The ability to connect with the people most important to realizing one’s goals ultimately became an obsession. While Heinecke regularly employs his own cartoon-based contact methods, he became intensely interested in how others have solved this unique challenge. As a result, he has uncovered a highly unique form of marketing that until now has had no name, yet it produces response rates as high as 100% and ROI figures in the tens, even hundreds of thousands of percent. In How To Get A Meeting with Anyone, he not only gives Contact Marketing its name, but provides us with a definitive guide to what it is, how it works and has cataloged twenty categories of Contact Campaign types.

Heinecke is the host and author of the How To Get A Meeting with Anyone podcast and blog, and Founder and President of “Contact,” a Contact Marketing agency, and co-Founder of, a coalition of famed cartoonists dedicated to raising funds for charity, while raising the profile of the cartooning art form. He lives on an island in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with his wife, Charlotte, and their dog, Bo.



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