Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Mike Scher: Removing the guesswork from sales

Joined on the show today by Mike Scher, the CEO + Co-Founder of Frontline Selling. Can technology truly remove the guesswork from sales? Can software actually make digital sales tools work, and increase the odds of effectively connecting to decision-makers?

Mike Scher

Discussion guide from my conversation with Mike Scher:

1. What is the true loss for companies who aren’t prospecting effectively?

2. What role does social media play in the cold-call process?

3. Do you know the “Social DNA of an organization?”

4. Best practices on how to do prospect outreach?

5. Remove the guesswork from sales, and the role that methodology and technology plays in that…

6. Setting appointments and getting to actual decision-makers…

7. We also talk about Mike’s new product, Staccato PRO, and how that makes their existing methodology even more effective…

About Mike Scher:

Mike, an 18-year veteran of the President’s Club, is the CEO and Co-founder of FRONTLINE Selling, the leader in prospecting optimization solutions, which helps sales teams shorten the cold-call process and increase their number of first appointments by as high as 200 to 400%. With his team, Mike Scher created Staccato, the company’s ground-breaking B2B sales software and proven methodology, by duplicating his own successful sales process, which he validated through the analysis of nearly 2 million outreach efforts.



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