Wednesday 1 February 2023
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Matt Reiner: Online financial advisory for people like you and me

Joined in studio by Matt Reiner, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Wela, an online/digital financial advisement tool. Because of tools like Wela, we are out of excuses to not fully understand our personal and business finances. Wela uses technology to make investing accessible and helps people connect to their financial goals.

Matt Reiner, Wela, intrepidNOW

Matt Reiner

Today’s discussion guide:

1. What are the problems that Wela solves?
2. Who was Wela built for? Is it for the highly affluent? [Million and below…]
3. People are intimidated by finance. Do you cater to that audience?
4. “We offer the answers to people’s financial questions who don’t have time to go to an office.”
5. Why are you NOT a robo-advisor?
6. “A holistic view of YOUR finances…”
7. “, combined with FitBit…”
8. “The financial advice Dream Team…”
9. Best advice for a rookie getting started in taking their finances and investments to the next level?
10. “We have to earn trust. This isn’t a sale.”
11. We discuss the big menu of online financial planning tools (that are free to use)…
12. We discuss a few financial basics we should all know and understand.
13. What are the first steps for that next level, the person who HAS cash to invest seriously now?
14. “Own your age…”
15. The best time to start?

About Wela

Atlanta-based Wela offers convenient access to free advice and financial tools customized just for you to track your goals, compare savings, and make smarter investments. You can aggregate your accounts in one convenient location to help you stay true to your goals and begin the investing journey with efficiency and ease.

Wela’s online tools include:

-Savings goal tool – the ability to see how much a user needs to save to get to certain asset amounts, like $1 million.

-A tool to help users discover how much house he/she can afford based on current income

-A tool to tell users how long it will take to pay off current debt.

-A tool to tell how much you need to save every year for kids’ college.

-A game plan providing users a custom plan from one of Wela Strategies’ advisors.

-401k allocation tool – by providing age and risk tolerance, a user can get back a suggested allocation.

-And, an ability to see how users stack up relative to their peers in regards to income and savings.

About Matt Reiner

As a founding partner and Portfolio Manager, Matt coordinates the Investment Committee and translates the decisions into trades and allocation adjustments within the Wela Models. Matt also serves as an Investment Advisor and the Chief Investment Officer for Capital Investment Advisors (CIA). Outside of work when Matt isn’t spending time with his soon-to-be wife and their puppy dog, you can typically find him on the golf course or coaching his little league baseball team. An avid fan of the Georgia Bulldogs, you can also typically find him in Athens on Saturdays during the football season.


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