Friday 27 January 2023
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Marketing Guru Shares Advice on Content, Social Media and More

Marketing Guru Shares Advice on Content, Social Media and More

Marketing Guru Shares Advice on Content, Social Media and More


Kimberly Davis, Founder and Managing Director at Davis Professional Services, joined the show to talk to us about the current trends in marketing and shares her insights on the latest on developing and using content and much more

Specifically, we discuss the following with Kimberly on this episode:

  1. (1:29) How did you get started?
  2. (2:56) What market do you serve?
  3. (3:46) What would be the profile of “the perfect customer” for team to help?
  4. (5:19) What are the 2-3 most common mistakes that you see people making with their digital and social marketing?
  5. (6:26) As you know Kim, we are a content creation company. How important is it for companies to have a good strategy around creating solid content?
  6. (7:14) Will you provide a couple good examples of innovative content that you have helped your clients create?
  7. (9:29) Why is it so difficult to create good content?
  8. (10:56) What are some of your clients’ other pain points?
  9. (12:36) What do you want to leave people with in terms of the value that you deliver?

Check out Davis Professional Services on the Web and connect with Kimberly on Twitter and LinkedIN!

About Kimberly Davis 

Kimberly Davis is a results-driven marketing professional who’s passionate about optimizing the customer experience. She has over 15 years of corporate strategy and marketing experience primarily in the business process outsourcing, customer care, and contact center spaces across industries.

Kimberly’s diverse background spanning technical, leadership and operational management, and business development disciplines underscores her expertise in engaging decision makers and devising winning strategies and solutions. Her skills include strategic business planning, product strategy and marketing, management consulting and training.

She has led new product development efforts, developed and executed marketing and social media strategies, and led vendor negotiations.

Kimberly is currently consulting with small to mid-size firms devising marketing strategies to help them attract and retain customers. She has developed marketing plans, social media strategies, and sales collateral to support her clients’ business development efforts.

Prior to this role, Kimberly managed the team responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies to support sales targets, corporate hiring, and employee initiatives in the contact center space helping the company exceed the revenue target by ten percent. In this role, she oversaw field marketing, product marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, communications, sales enablement, and marketing shared services to drive lead generation and provide internal marketing support to business partners.


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