Friday 2 December 2022
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Leading with GRIT 05: Respect and generosity: You must respect and be generous to yourself before you can help others

Leading with GRIT

Leading with GRIT, Episode Five, discussion guide:

1. We lead off with a discussion and overview on the importance of Leading with GRIT.

2. Generosity: You don’t feel like you HAVE to do something…rather, you WANT to do something…

3. This is critical as a self-awareness tool as well… You cannot be respectful and generous when you aren’t living your TRUTH…

4. Key to remember: Part of what we are talking about with regards to respect? Is respecting YOURSELF!

5. Can you be too generous? AKA “The White Knight Syndrome…”

6. When you respect yourself, you’ll be able to say “NO” more often, and more easily… Your INTENT shifts, which is when cool stuff starts to happen!

7. When this happens, it’s amazing when you engage a person who “has their dukes up,” how you can still keep the bigger picture in mind, and not succumb to bad behavior! When you are operating from a place of respect and generosity, you don’t take things personally. What a change that can make in a workplace….

8. Coming from a place of respect and generosity also gives you courage. When you have your GRIT together, you are boldly facing fear…

9. It also allows you to operate from an abundance mentality!

10. Also, when you operate this way, people want to help you and serve you too…

11. It’s important to be respectful and generous to others. MORE IMPORTANT to be respectful and generous to YOURSELF first! “If we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we take care of others?”

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