Thursday 13 August 2020
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Kevin Layton: How to build your digital marketing machine!

Joined in studio today by Kevin Layton, CEO of Data-Dynamix. He joins me to discuss how to build your digital marketing machine!

Kevin LaytonKevin is CEO of Data-Dynamix, a premier source of demographic data, a go-to partner for delivering digital marketing campaigns and experts in advertising sales training that was ranked 1,226 on the 2015 Inc. 5000. The company partners with a litany of top-tier ad agencies and media groups across newspaper, radio and television.

Layton, author of the upcoming book Building Your Digital Marketing Machine, is also a revered inspirational speaker on digital marketing, international business and business strategy.

Discussion Guide for today’s interview with Kevin Layton:

1. How to grow your company through online channels amid aggressive competition.

2. 5 email marketing missteps to avoid.

3. Creating the foundations of a digital presence.

4. Creating content is a critical way to build authority.

5. Identifying proper channels for establishing online presence


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