Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Justin Honaman: Crush Mediocrity, Spark Curiosity

Justin HonamanA pleasure to welcome my friend Justin Honaman to Intrepid Radio!

Justin is an author, speaker, singer/songwriter, and sales and marketing executive with Coca-Cola.

Justin joined me on the show to talk about his latest project, a book called Be Extraordinary: Crush Mediocrity, Spark Curiosity.

On the show, we talked about what it means to be extraordinary and what that looks to each of us; why you need to pursue big change; how to deal with fear; that we know what to do (we just don’t do it); find wins any way you can (and generate momentum from that); and what he means by sparking curiosity.

Continuing on, what can an individual do within an organization to be extraordinary, and how can management empower this idea as well; the importance of personal branding, self-promotion, and momentum; and finally, what is Justin’s best piece of advice on how to become a person of ACTION and DOING, and not a person of sitting around hoping and waiting…and truly knowing what fuels you (and how that’s the secret to being extraordinary!).

Learn everything you need to know about Justin Honaman here!

You can purchase Justin’s book here (affiliate link):


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