Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Jennifer Budinsky: The 7 business personalization principles

Joined today by Jennifer Budinsky, a conversation curator with CSI International, and the co-author of The Seven Personalization Principles: Learn the Principles to Thrive in these Disruptive Times.

Jennifer Budkinsky

Discussion guide from my conversation with Jennifer Budinsky:

1. The Seven Principles:
Be authentic.
Be hospitable.
Be empathetic.
Be committed.
Be competent.
Be friendly.
And be fun!

2. What do you mean by personalization?

3. Why did you choose to reference companies such as Starbucks, Apple, and Netflix?

4. What surprised you most in your research?

5. Why is personalization important in a technology-driven world?

6. Why is personalization so pertinent for millennials?

7. Jennifer gives us 3 tips for employee recognition, a key solution offered by CSI International, for any size company to motivate their workforce?

Find Jennifer Budinsky’s book here:

About Jennifer Budinsky:

Jennifer Budinsky is the co-author of The 7 Personalization Principles and Conversation Curator for CSI International whose mission is to help companies create engaging employee and customer experiences. Prior to joining CSI International Jennifer was the Communications and Marketing Manager at Green Living Enterprises, Canada’s leading cause marketing and event agency focused on social and environmental program development.

She has a Master of Arts in Communication and Social Justice, and Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication, Media and Film from the University of Windsor. Jennifer is an ambassador for encouraging people to create exceptional experiences in every aspect of their lives, from work to home to play!


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