Sunday 27 November 2022
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Prioritizing the Needs of Individual Employees: Jason Lauritsen

LIVE from Las Vegas, at #HRTechConf, we were joined by Jason Lauritsen, Director of Best Places to Work at Quantum Workplace.

Prioritizing the Needs of Individual EmployeesA little more about Jason Lauritsen:

– Workplace Evangelist, with a background in sales, recruiting, and HR.

– Professional speaker, talking about talent and leadership.

– Quantum Workplace: “Make Work Awesome.”

Discussion Guide from today’s show: Prioritizing the Needs of Individual Employees with Jason Lauritsen

1. Culture, Workplace, and What Really Matters.

2. Machine Learning seems to be the new buzzword: just a snazzy name for predictive analytics or metrics.

3. Employee experience is what really matters: purposeful work

4. Trends: Putting a new name on something we already knew.

5. What employees ultimately need: Clarity of expectations, Connection with Colleagues, and Love/recognition.

Learn more about Quantum Workplace here. And Jason on Twitter here!

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Co-founder of the intrepidNOW Media Network, Todd Schnick is a media + business strategist and talk show host + producer. He is a former marketing strategist, national political operative, and lobbyist. Todd has published five books, writes a business + lifestyle column, is a distance runner, and lives in Chicago with his wife Stephanie + family.