Monday 3 October 2022
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An (innovative) chat with Google Glass’s Ivy Ross

Welcome to Episode Nine of The Seven C’s of Creative Leadership. Today, we conclude the series, interview Google Glass’s Ivy Ross, and share our final thoughts on the key lessons and takeaways from the complete series.

The goal of the series?
The Seven C’s of Creative Leadership series is about arming leaders with specific skills and behaviors that are critical to leading innovation and fostering a creative culture. Most corporate leaders enjoy a high level of analytical prowess, but lack formal training and experience regarding creative endeavors. Our mission is to fill this leadership void that exists in so many companies across the globe.

Today’s Discussion Guide:

For starters, don’t forget to review this series summary here.

In a quick opening segment, Tony and I set the table for our conversation with Google Glass’s Ivy Ross.

Ivy RossIn the second segment, we are joined by Ivy Ross, Fearless Leader of Google Glass.

In the third and final segment, Tony and I share some critical highlights from our interview with Ivy Ross:

“We all need grazing time.”

You must exercise both sides of your brain.

Curiosity around laughter.

Lessons learned from Project Platypus.

The freedoms that come when you take boundaries away.

Creativity is making new neural connections when you let in new ideas.

Model one small step at a time.

The importance of COMPASSION (the eighth C?), and how you cannot be creative until you are vulnerable.

And at the end of our session with Ivy, we ask her to share her immediate thoughts on what each “C” means to her – and this exchange is quite illuminating!

And finally, bringing this great series to a close, Tony and I reflect back on each interview, and share the critical lessons and takeaways from every episode. If you listen to nothing else in the series, listen to Ivy’s lightning round and Tony and Todd’s key “7C’s” lessons!

About Ivy Ross

Ivy Ross is currently the Fearless leader of Glass. Previously, she held executive positions ranging from head of product design and development to CMO and presidencies with several companies, including Calvin Klein, Swatch, Coach, Mattel,,Bausch & Lomb and Gap. As an early creator of integrated digital and social media campaigns, Ivy has appeared on NPR’s Marketplace and has been quoted in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Early in her career, she had her own company and a retail store in NYC that vogue magazine called “ one of the most influential stores of the decade.” As an innovative entrepreneur and thinker, Ivy creates unique collaborative environments with her teams. To maximize her collaborators’ creative potential, Ivy draws upon her personal studies in a diverse range of fields, including sound vibration, quantum physics, play, psychology and living systems. One of her most notable innovation methodologies is Project Platypus, which has been adopted by Mattel, where she was head of innovation, and Procter and Gamble, where she serves as a member of its design board.

Ivy has been a contributing author to numerous books, including The Change Champions Field Guide and Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organizational Change. She has also been referenced in Ten Faces of Innovation, Rules of Thumb, and Unstuck among other books. Ivy was the keynote speaker at the Nokia World Design Conference and Fortune Magazine’s Women Conference, and has been cited by Fast Company and Business week as “one of the new faces of Leadership.”

A renowned artist, Ross’ innovative metal work in jewelry is in the permanent collections of 12 international museums, including the Smithsonian in Washington D.C., the Victorian and Albert Museum in London and the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York City. A winner of the prestigious National Endowment for the Arts grant, Ross has also received the Women in Design Award and Diamond International Award for her creative designs.

Ivy’s passion is human potential and relationships. She believes in the combination of art and science to make magic happen and bring great ideas and brands to life.

Ivy references this book during our conversation, and the book is one of Tony’s favorites:
Orbiting the Giant Hairball: A Corporate Fool’s Guide to Surviving with Grace

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About Tony Vengrove

Tony Vengrove founded Miles Finch Innovation with the goal of helping companies shatter the cultural barriers that interfere with corporate innovation and creativity. He is an idea champion and believes every problem has a solution waiting to be found.

He is a seasoned innovator with over 20 years experience revolutionizing industries. Tony brings diverse leadership experience to the table having worked in world-class New York City ad agencies and Fortune 500 marketing, innovation and R&D organizations. Because he’s lived and breathed innovative life on the inside, he possesses a well-rounded, pragmatic perspective that provides clients with grounded and actionable advice.

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