Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Introducing Knowmadics

Introducing Knowmadics: Inspired by the Boston Marathon Bombing

Introducing Knowmadics


Paul Maguire, Founder, and CEO of Knowmadics joined the show to talk to us about the inspiration and evolution of Knowmadics.

Specifically, we discuss the following with Paul:

  1. (1:42) What inspired you to start Knowmadics?
  2. (5:00) What type of organizations use the Knowmadics platform and what types of things do they use it for?
  3. (8:00) What does it mean to be Knowmadics 360 Aware?
  4. (10:16) There are so many “free apps” out there that we really pay for with our privacy. What is your perspective on the current free app market?
  5. (12:07) We have a huge healthcare audience for our shows? How might your technology be used in healthcare?
  6. (16:16) What is your biggest business challenge?
  7. (17:38) What does the future hold for Knowmadics?

Check out Knowmadics on the Web!

About Paul Maguire 

Paul Maguire was born in Boston Mass and attended Woburn Public Schools graduating in 1981. Paul earned a Merit Scholarship to attend Southampton College of LIU graduating in 1985 Cum Laude. He then entered the Navy as an Intelligence Officer focused on the Russian Navy and counter-terrorism. He left the Navy and entered the commercial industry in 1993 joining Autometric a defense and aerospace company as a Program and Project Manager. He was part of the team that sold Autometric to Boeing in 2000 and then he left Boeing in September of 2001 to join Prologic as the head of Sales and Marketing before becoming the President. Paul was part of the executive team that sold ProLogic to Ultra Electronics a publicly traded UK defense company. He left Ultra in 2013 to found Knowmadics where he serves as the CEO and a Board Member.

About Knowmadics


Knowmadics began with one question – Why is the “Internet of Things (IoT)” so hard to use? We had a simple answer – it shouldn’t be.

Truly “future proof” — we built a platform to make the Internet of Things easy to use regardless of the data or devices you use — now or in the future. Our users leverage all of their data and hardware investments; cameras, smartphones, GPS trackers, audio devices, wearables, Automatic Flight Following (AFF) devices, etc.

Choose our patented and exportable platform and you can work securely around the globe. Use any combination of Cellular, Satellite, WiFi, and Narrow Band RF to communicate over. Use our API to extend the platform on your own. We offer multiple hosting options, so we can scale with you as you grow. We stay ahead of the technology curve so you don’t have to worry.

We replace the pain of IoT with 360° Awareness® for IoT.

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