Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Innovative Tool for Creating Better Presentations

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It was our pleasure to welcome Cindy Hoffman to Intrepid Radio!  Cindy Hoffman is a seasoned media professional with more than twenty five years experience in the communications industry. A former TV News producer and reporter, for the past twenty years she has maintained her own consulting practice, providing clients with media training, presentation training, executive coaching, and issues management counsel.  She is the Co-Founder of Presenter’s Pal.

We discuss the following with Cindy on this episode:

  1. What is the biggest mistake people make when giving presentations?
  2. There are many coaches and trainers out there. How is your  approach different?
  3. Should people prepare different types of presentations differently?
  4. For example.. is giving a keynote speech different than a PowerPoint outlining last quarter’s sales results?
  5. What is Presenter’s Pal? Tell us more specifically please.
  6. How does Presenter’s Pal help solve communication problems?
  7. What advice would you have for people wanting to become better communicators?

Presenter’s Pal

Presenter’s Pal is a product of CommunicApp™, a virtual library of customized communication learning tools developed by communication experts Karen Friedman and Cindy Hoffman. Following decades of working with thousands of people on four continents, they constantly heard clients clamoring for ways to keep the learning going when the coaches went home.

That’s how the CommunicApp™ library was born. Whether sharing ideas, preparing for presentations, media interviews, meetings, perfecting elevator pitches or striving for executive presence, the library is designed to make communicating simple, practical and allow people to work at their own pace 24/7 from anywhere in the world. (from


Cindy Hoffman has earned a reputation as an expert in developing messages and crafting media strategies, particularly in the health care arena. She is skilled at helping senior executives and thought leaders translate complicated medical jargon in to ”lay” language, turning “data in to dialogue” and “science in to stories”. She also has significant experience working with advocacy groups, as well as training athletes and entertainers to serve as spokespeople for a variety of products and causes. Specialty areas include clinical trials, reimbursement, medical ethics, medical education, rheumatology, dermatology, cardiology, endocrinology, women’s health, oncology, genetic engineering, immunology, and FDA approvals.

Previously Cindy’s decade in TV News included three years at CNN, producing two hours of daily, live news broadcasts, plus producing and writing positions at KYW-TV in Philadelphia, WNEV-TV and WBZ-TV in Boston, and WFSB-TV in Hartford, Connecticut. She also worked as an on-air reporter for WLTV-TV in Jacksonville, Florida and reported and produced business profiles for the syndicated television program, “The Bottom Line.”

Cindy also served for three years as Director of Media Relations for Thomas Jefferson University.While there she was responsible for all external relations for its research institution, its 710-bed teaching hospital and affiliates, and for Jefferson Medical College, the nation’s largest private medical school.

Her responsibilities included media training senior administrators, physicians and scientists; developing internal and external crisis and disaster plans; providing issues management counsel and securing positive national and international media coverage for the institution.


Ms. Hoffman is an honors graduate of Brandeis University and attended the masters program in organizational development at the University of Pennsylvania.

You may contact Cindy directly at

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