Wednesday 22 March 2023
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HR Latte: #WorkHuman – The Shift We Need

China Gorman and Julie Zadow visit HR Latte to Talk about #WorkHuman and What that Means for HR
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HR Latte, episode 85

Series: #WorkHuman

“The power of thanks, the power of gratitude in the workplace… Work Human – the acknowledgement that the world is changing and that, now more than ever, that workers we are looking for things like meaning, fulfillment, and camaraderie on our work. ” – Julie Zadow

#WorkHumanJulie Zadow, Vice President of Marketing at Globoforce and Executive Director of Work Human, and China Gorman, Turnaround Leader / CEO and  Chair – WorkHuman Advisory Board, visit with Rayanne to talk about a shift in HR – in business – in employee appreciation today.

A New Power

China Gorman and Julie Zadow share the power of thanks – the power of gratitude and the difference that this power can make in the workplace and to the workforce of today.


“What really attracted me to the Work Human movement is the whole landscape of business around the world is really beginning to focus on people. I’ve been talking about this for years that organizations – leaders of organizations who are really focusing on their employees, as whole people – they are reaping the cultural advantages that are now making them impervious to downtrun, they become talent magnets, they are able to access the most critical resource to business today – which are people.” – China Gorman

Discussion Points for :

  • The Power of Gratitude in the Workplace
  • The Work Human Movement
  • Humanity in HR, humanity in the workplace
  • Cultural Fit – does it mean the same thing it did 15 years ago
  • The Work Human Conference
  • Employee Needs
  • Why Employees Leave an Organization

We’ll be talking more about #WorkHuman on HR Latte and the Power of Gratitude in the Workplace – stay tuned!

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