Wednesday 1 February 2023
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HR Latte Joins IntrepidHR!

Rayanne Thorn is a regular contributor to intrepidNOW, the mastermind behind #TheGist. She writes about life and business and how they so often intersect.

HR Latte NOWMy Podcast Continuum

Many people look at online interviewing or podcasting and think it’s easy and that anyone can do it. Well – I guess if you are going to compare it to another online content activity, blogging, you could say the same. Yes, anyone can write and talk, but not everyone should publish what they write or say. I’m sure you’d agree! 😉

I created and began hosting HR Latte on BlogTalkRadio in May of 2014. It has been one of the greatest projects I have ever participated in and after 65 episodes, I felt it was time to step it up a notch. Thus, the move…

HR Latte – Talent Management, Whipped to Perfection

I am excited to bring HR Latte, my baby, to reside here on interpidNOW, as part of the intrepidHR channel. As time goes by, I will move some of my previous HRL shows over to live here, as well. I have had the opportunity to interview some incredible guests about HR topics that don’t get enough exposure or the right kind of exposure – I want to share them all!

I’ll be kicking off my re-launch with a few new series:

  • HR Tech NOW
  • Today’s Employer Branding into Tomorrow’s Employee Engagement
  • The Challenges for HR in Higher Learning
  • The Ins and Outs of Hospitality HR
    and expanding my series
  • Healthcare HR Today

Follow me on Twitter at @Ray_anne and @HRLatte for updates about HR Latte!


If you have ideas for shows or guests, please feel free to message me.


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Rayanne Thorn
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Rayanne Thorn works in hiring, strategy, marketing, and business development with technology companies and has held several high-level positions in the HR and recruiting technology space. She is the VP of Marketing at Dovetail Software and has been responsible for employment branding, hiring, employee engagement, employee retention, branding, marketing, sales, and partnership strategies in the past with TalentBrowser, Technomedia, Evenbase,, Broadbean Technology, and Select University Technologies, Inc. Earlier in her career, Thorn served as a business and search consultant, as well as an executive third-party and corporate recruiter. She has a Bachelor’s in Business – Organizational Development and Strategic Marketing from Vanguard University of Southern California.