Tuesday 31 January 2023
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HR Latte: Human Potential with Andrew Heywood

Andrew Heywood of  Early-Stage Start-up, DaqriiHR logo

HR Latte, episode 70
Series: Today’s Employer Branding into Tomorrow’s Employee Engagement

Andrew Heywood-EmpBrandAndrew Heywood joins Rayanne to continue this series which addresses the impact Employer Branding has on Employee Engagement and, ultimately – the retention of quality talent – those employees who lead a company to success.

Andrew is the newly-minted Director of Talent Acquisition at DAQRI, “building a company from the outside in” – different approach, different thought about how to build teams and evangelizing.

DAQRI is shaping the future of work with augmented reality in a smart helmet. THIS is technology that will change the workplace and how we build teams. DAQRI calls human resources “human potential” – does this make a difference?

The Power of Human Potential

In this episode:

  • Recruiting in Silicon Valley – creating touch-points for brands
  • How closely tied is consumer brand to employer brand
  • How to re-brand employment and address challenges during times of tech growth
  • The importance of a great customer experience
  • “One employee at a time”
  • Augmented Reality – Smart Helmet shaping the Future of Work?? Really!  Wow!

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