Thursday 2 December 2021
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#Fast Growth ATL: Layne Davlin of Einstein HR

Layne Davlin of Einstein HR

Layne Davlin of Einstein HR

The IntrepidNOW Business show is proud to feature the fastest-growing companies in Atlanta on the Fast Growth Series.

Layne Davlin, CEO of Einstein HR, not only serves the peculiar challenges of a fast-growing company, he IS on the list of Fast Growers in Atlanta!

In one of the last conversations of 2014, Layne joins the Bill & Mike on the Mic Show and discusses:

*Issues facing fast-growing companies
*How a growing company can benefit from a PEO’s economy of scales for Insurance
*One of the biggest issues facing employers in 2015

Learn more about Layne and Einstein HR at, call his office at 770.962.1700, or email Layne directly:

To hear more from the #fastgrowthATL series, and from IntrepidNOW Business, click here on this FREE link!

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