Wednesday 1 February 2023
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Francesco Gatti, CEO of Unbits, “Hardware Heaven for Kickstarter”

Unbits is a curated market place when you can discover and purchase beautifully designed, state-of- the-art connected devices and consumer electronics.  It has been called “hardware heaven for Kickstarter”.  Joins us as we explore this great concept.

We are pleased to welcome Francesco Gatti, Co-Founder and CEO of Unbits.

Francescos Gatti - CEO - Unbits

Francescos Gatti – CEO – Unbits

Discussion topics from the show:

  1. Tell us about the name – what does unbits mean? And how does it describe your business?
  2. The new consumer electronics age is exploding – The maker movement is a revolution, thanks to open source technology and fast prototyping thousands of innovators are able to create devices that can really improve everyones people lives.
  3. The shopping experience is broken for costumers that wants to buy innovative consumer electronics
  4. What makes companies succeed with Unbits and in the consumer electronics industry?
  5. The current state of Crowdfunding.
  6. How fun it is to work with latest Technology that will someday save us all
  7. Insights into Unbits two major initiatives for 2015: Unbits TV and Unbits Girl.

Unbits is a curated market place when you can discover and purchase beautifully designed, state-of- the-art connected devices and consumer electronics.  Millions of innovators from all over the world are extremely excited about creating technologies that enrich people’s lives. It doesn’t matter if they are a small group of friends working from a garage, or a team of experts working for a well established brand, they have the same love in common: the love for the design of amazing products that improve even the smallest aspects of our daily lives. We live in amazing times, where technology and design are adding something special to the human experience, somethingmagical that we want to support and celebrate. This is why we created Unbits- to provide a curated space where you can discover and buy beautifully designed lifestyle tech products, made by the most innovative brands in the world.

FRANCESCO GATTI has been involved with the start-up scene both in the United States and Europe for many years now. As an innovation enthusiast, technology is his passion. He has co-founded Unbits to share with the whole world the excitement of consumer electronics improving peoples lives every single day. “Dream big to achieve bigger, and work harder to make it happen” is the phrase I live by.  If you are looking to connect, please send him a note at


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