Tuesday 30 May 2023
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The Creative Circus: The Idea Factory changing the advertising world [and the Super Bowl]

One of Atlanta’s hidden secrets? The fact that we are home to the world’s most impactful advertising portfolio school, the Creative Circus. Chances are, the advertising you know and love? Probably came from Creative Circus…

Dave Haan, Creative Circus, intrepidNOWJoined in studio today by Dave Haan, the Executive Director of the Creative Circus.

Discussion topics from today’s show:

1. Origins and history of the Creative Circus.

2. The mission and purpose of the Creative Circus, and why it impacts more than a traditional advertising degree from a typical university.

3. Why a portfolio school is necessary [aka, that’s how you get hired by the agencies that matter].

4. We talk about the staff, faculty, and partners that make the Creative Circus so different and unique.

5. We discuss the trends in the advertising industry: from interactive, to social, to blogs…

6. Is the fact that we all can take photos on Instagram, write to a blog, and post videos to YouTube, does that help the creatives feeding into the advertising industry? Or is that a negative?

7. What are some famous [Hall of Fame] grads and campaigns?
[Editor’s note: you’ll recognize these campaigns, I promise]

8. And of course, we riff on Super Bowl commercials past and present!

THE CREATIVE CIRCUS mission is to graduate the best-prepared, most avidly sought-after creatives in the marketing communications industry. With all due respect to your Magna cum something status, the fact is, it won’t get you hired in the top creative departments. Portfolios do. Really good ones. Sure, there’s always an exception. That kid whose father knows someone. The talented freak of nature. But for everyone else, The Creative Circus is a great portfolio school to start and an even better place to finish. Because when you do, you’ll be well prepared to get hired at the best agencies in the world, and more importantly excel there.

You might remember this ad, which comes from a Creative Circus alum:

Or another one from THIS year’s Super Bowl:

DAVE HAAN has spent three decades in and around the advertising industry. He is a student of advertising history and has accumulated quite a few war stories of his own during long stints with FCB, McCann Erickson and Frankel (the finest Sales Promotion company ever) and postings in Chicago, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Detroit and LA. Dave has had the pleasure (and he means that) of working with Coors, Molson, Mazda, General Mills, Nestle, S.C. Johnson, Sunkist, Visa, Dreyer’s, Clorox and Zicam. Dave has a Master’s in Advertising from Michigan State and has taught Advertising Strategy and Campaigns courses at Michigan State, Illinois and Cal State Fullerton. Dave is a huge sports fan who has attended most major sporting events, but he doesn’t get NASCAR. He is committed to breaking Ken Jennings’ all-time record on Jeopardy.


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