Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Craig Williams on Authority Branding

Craig Williams on Intrepid Business

Craig Williams on Intrepid Business

Craig Williams was the last man standing on Season #3 of The Apprentice. He competed on Fear Factor, Battle of Reality Stars.

Is that what makes Craig an Authority on business? Is that the exposure that you need to be known as an Authority?


Ultimately, the authority is YOU, not your exposure. If you have crafted a body of work, and you are in fact an authority, how do you find the exposure you need? How can you be acknowledged by others? What does it mean to engage in “Lifestyle Marketing?”

Craig explains the work that he and Neil Howe do at You can also see more at Connect with Craig personally HERE, on his LinkedIN page.

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And as Bill promised in the conversation: Here is the link to June Cline’s site! You’re welcome, Craig.


Bill Ramsey

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