Monday 3 October 2022
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Courage and Creative Leadership

Tony Vengrove

Welcome to Episode Eight of The Seven C’s of Creative Leadership. Today, we discuss the seventh and final “C” – COURAGE!

The goal of the series?
The Seven C’s of Creative Leadership series is about arming leaders with specific skills and behaviors that are critical to leading innovation and fostering a creative culture. Most corporate leaders enjoy a high level of analytical prowess, but lack formal training and experience regarding creative endeavors. Our mission is to fill this leadership void that exists in so many companies across the globe.

Today’s Discussion Guide:

For starters, don’t forget to review this series summary here.

In the first segment, Tony and I discuss the important elements of courage:

1. First of all, we discuss why courage is so critical to effective creative leadership.

2. Everyone seems to know that new ideas will feel risky. And yet, most still cannot seem to grapple with all the uncertainty. Why is that?

3. In addition to OVERCOMING FEAR, what other areas of business and creative leadership require courage?

Denis BudniewskiIn the second segment, we are joined by Denis Budniewski, EVP, Director of Account Leadership + Growth, Campbell Mithun.

Highlights from Denis’ interview include the importance of time and trust.

“Ambition is key. Without it, creative leadership is difficult.”

“Keep your teams small and manageable.” Those are better conditions for courage to yield good results.

“Courage has to come from both sides.”

“It is ok to be uncomfortable. That always means you are on the right path…”

Denis Budniewski

Denis is EVP, Director of Account Leadership and Growth at Campbell Mithun. His teams have developed market-changing work across categories — retail, CPG, financial services, telco and automotive – for clients including NASDAQ, Cadillac, Qwest, Audi, Polaris and four of Procter and Gamble’s billion-dollar brands. He’s earned numerous creative, digital and media accolades, including the accumulation of 13 Effies.

Prior to joining Campbell Mithun, he served Saatchi & Saatchi, McKinney and most recently, Fallon. Denis, his wife Christine and two children reside in Minneapolis and when not at work, you can find Denis playing lacrosse or racing cars on the weekend.

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About Tony Vengrove:
Tony Vengrove founded Miles Finch Innovation with the goal of helping companies shatter the cultural barriers that interfere with corporate innovation and creativity. He is an idea champion and believes every problem has a solution waiting to be found.

He is a seasoned innovator with over 20 years experience revolutionizing industries. Tony brings diverse leadership experience to the table having worked in world-class New York City ad agencies and Fortune 500 marketing, innovation and R&D organizations. Because he’s lived and breathed innovative life on the inside, he possesses a well-rounded, pragmatic perspective that provides clients with grounded and actionable advice.


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