Friday 27 January 2023
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Bruce Newman: What presidential campaigns can teach us about marketing

Joined today by Bruce Newman, a professor of marketing at Depaul University, and the author of a new book called The Marketing Revolution in Politics. “Businesses need to pay attention to what’s happening in politics, if they too want to be on the cutting edge of the new marketing revolution.”

Bruce Newman

Discussion guide for today’s chat with Bruce Newman:

1. Given that 24/7 news cycle, a candidate needs to be poised to react to unexpected events. Companies must better prepare themselves to turn on a dime and handle a crisis.

2. Just like candidates, companies must grow their relationship with customers. How is this done in the modern business world?

3. A candidate needs to look at more than polling numbers. A company needs to look at more than just sales figures. How do organizations take in the bigger picture?

4. Political campaigns have been able to leverage technology to effectively target voters. How can businesses do the same thing?

5. Like campaigns and voters, businesses need to be responsive to customer needs. What can we learn from campaigns about keeping the customer at the center of their marketing strategy?

6. We review the seven lessons Bruce presents in the book:

Follow the marketing concept.
Use Technology Strategically.
Integrate research methods.
Develop a unique brand identity.
Create a winning advertising strategy.
Build a relationship with your customers.
Be prepared to engage in crisis management.

7. The importance of real-time decision making!

8. How to collect, understand, and leverage data, which campaigns are getting very good at, and most businesses still don’t take advantage of.

About Bruce Newman:

Bruce Newman, author of THE MARKETING REVOLUTION IN POLITICS, is a professor of marketing and a Wicklander Fellow in Business Ethics in the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul University and founding editor of the Journal of Political Marketing.




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