Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Ankit Patel: Flourishing as a competitive advantage!

Today, a thrill to welcome Ankit Patel, Managing Parter with The Lean Way Consulting, back into the studio!


1. Today’s theme: A new way to get a competitive advantage: #Flourishing

2. Factors leading to the reason for #Flourishing: Radical Transparency, Regulation, Scarcity of Resources, Exponential technologies

3. The definition of #Flourishing

4. We discuss some case studies/examples

5. Where to start on your new competitive advantage

6. Sustainability 2.0

7. Embedded vs. Bolt-on

8. Behavior change


The Lean Way Consulting is led by Managing Partner, Ankit Patel. Ankit’s personal vision is to help people, organizations and communities flourish by using the proven thinking and methodology associated with Lean Transformations and Organizational Development. Through these techniques he has helped companies pivot and achieve great results like being on the INC 500 list.


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