Friday 27 January 2023
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#12 Scott Robert Lim on Weddings & Success in Business

Scott Robert Lim on IntrepidNOW

Scott Robert Lim on IntrepidNOW

If you’ve wanted to hear from an internationally-recognized Photographer, one who has made his imprint in the world of wedding portraiture–THIS IS YOUR SHOW!

Teeming with enthusiasm, Scott Robert Lim joins the IntrepidNOW Network with a wealth of practical information. Hear Scott’s insights regarding:

*His desperate entrance into the business of photography
*Tips for success in wedding photography
*How to find the right mentor
*The KEY shortcoming that keeps Photographers from winning
*How to grow an INTERNATIONAL business
*Advice to a Photographer who wants to raise his prices
*Social Media, why you should get naked, and the social media outlet that is essential for the Photographer
*The proudest achievement of his career and his 25th wedding anniversary
*His next steps in business–and WHO should be preparing for a career in Photography

Learn more about Scott at

Or on Facebook here.

Or on Instagram at SCOTTROBERTLIM

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