Friday 27 January 2023
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Sarah Kathleen Peck: It starts with…writing

Sarah Kathleen Peck

Sarah Kathleen Peck

A special honor to spend some quality time with my friend Sarah Kathleen Peck, a writer, designer, and storyteller.

Sarah joined me to talk principally about her upcoming writing course, but we ended talking about the importance of writing, creativity, and the amazing personal and business benefits to writing and creativity. Sarah writes out of It Starts With…

Some highlights from our conversation:

1. We are ALL creatives.
2. “Writing is about discovering what’s inside of you.”
3. You are a writer. Whether you realize it or not…
4. “Follow your bliss.”
5. The four modules of Sarah’s program.
6. “The art of writing…” In all it’s forms…
7. The hero’s journey…and how it applies to YOUR story.
8. What to write about??? How to generate ideas…
9. Writing has to become a habit. It is a skill that must be developed and honed.

Again, here are deets on Sarah’s writing course…


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