Tuesday 31 January 2023
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Martha Pease: Using empathy to become consumer-accountable

A distinct pleasure to welcome Martha Pease to the show! Martha is a regular CNN contributor, the CEO of DemandWerks, and the author of a new book called Think Round: How to Own the Future by Focusing 100% of Your Company on Customers and Consumers 100% of the time.

Martha Pease, Todd Schnick, intrepidNOWSome notes from the discussion:

Why empathy is the essential key to success. The real engine behind business…

One reason your message might get through to consumers is not because it isn’t good content, it might mean it isn’t empathetic.

Most people think they are empathetic. Most are not.

Can you scale empathy?

This isn’t just how you go to market. It is also about how you change your internal approach as well.

This does require a mindset shift when it comes to thinking about your customers.

Most organizations are in serious danger of becoming irrelevant, and most don’t even know it.

Is 100% focus on all your customers 100% of time even possible?

Identifying how your people think about your customers, or if they even are.

How to keep your eyes on your value proposition, not bright, shiny objects.

Empathy verses being customer-focused / customer-centric. They are NOT the same.

Understanding emotional (demand) drivers. And how the heck do you learn what those are?

Becoming consumer-accountable.

What do you mean by “Think Round?”

About the guest:

Martha Pease

Martha Pease

Martha is an author and the CEO of DemandWerks. She’s also a regular contributor to CNN and other outlets, where discusses a range of diverse topics of the day through the lens of branding. You can see Martha’s media reel here:

Martha was CEO, President and Director of Magnetique; Founder, CEO of Ozz Consulting; EVP of Lifetime TV; EVP, Global Business Director of McCann Erickson; EVP, Global Account Director of JWT; and SVP, Member of Executive Operating Board of Neutrogena. She has created and led client engagements, marketing, product development, or strategic brand development for companies including L’Oreal, Domino’s, Wendy’s, Elizabeth Arden, Novell, Pepsi, InterBev, PF Chang’s, Epson and Hitachi.

You can find Martha’s book below:
Think Round: How To Own The Future By Focusing 100% Of Your Company On Customers & Consumers 100% Of The Time

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