Saturday 22 January 2022
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Mars Dorian: Scratching your own writing itch

My favorite illustrator wrote a book. Mars Dorian and I connect on the show to discuss how he did it, his writing and book promotional process, and how YOU can do it.

Learn more about Mars Dorian here.

Today’s discussion guide:

Talking about his debut novel – a sci-fi thriller satire about vloggers in the future

Scratching your own itch — writing a story that doesn’t exist

Writing a novel for the internet crowd — tips, tricks and tactics

Treating your book like a brand

Leveraging your blog platform to launch your (story) products

About Mars Dorian

Mars Dorian is an online illustrator and indie sci-fi author.

After high school, he traveled the world and lived in countries such as Japan, the States, Australia and Mexico. Four years later, he returned home and created his illustration and blogging career. He worked with social media consultants, lawyers, startups and marketing blogs — the mission : to create outstanding artwork that helped his customers break through the clutter.

After three years of procrastination and lizard brain listening, he decided to release his sci-fi blog thriller.

He currently resides in Berlin, Germany.

You can get Mars’ book here:
Blogbuster: A Sci-Fi Thriller

Connect here

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