Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Jeff Wolf: Leadership development for Gen Xers and Millennials

Joined in studio today by Jeff Wolf, Founder of Wolf Management Consultants, and the author of The Seven Disciplines of a Leader.

Leadership development for Gen Xers and Millennials

Discussion guide for today’s conversation with Jeff Wolf: Leadership development for Gen Xers and Millennials

1. Leadership training for Gen X & Millennials is in much demand as Boomers begin to retire and the economy and business has improved.

2. Gen Xers forged non-traditional careers and had to learn leadership through self-examination and self study. But given the low levels of training and mentorship this generation received from business, not surprisingly they didn’t have much interest.

3. Gen Xers often lack the skills needed to motivate others, a leadership necessity for corporate success.

4. Gen Xers tend to question the leadership route to corporate success, yet are technologically astute and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

5. Millennials have gained the reputation of being unprepared for leadership roles including not understanding expectations such as how to dress and behave on the job as a leader.

6. Because they are the first generation to not have a gatekeeper to information, millennials can have trouble understanding the protocols of business, the relationships among different functions of the business, and how to handle customers’ needs. All a necessary foundation for business leadership.

7. Millennials respond well to performance reviews based on how well they accomplish their assigned tasks and responsibilities. They understand the importance of leadership and expect it both from themselves and their leaders.

About Jeff Wolf:

Jeff is founder and president of Wolf Management Consultants, LLC, a premier global consulting firm that specializes in helping people, teams and organizations achieve maximum effectiveness. Considered one of the most comprehensive consulting, coaching and training firms in the world, we provide services to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to international conglomerates. WMC partners with clients to deliver customized solutions that resolve their most significant issues and create a lasting competitive advantage.

He is the author of Seven Disciplines of a Leader and is coauthor with Ken Blachard and Stephen Covey of Roadmap to Success.

You can find Jeff’s book here:

Seven Disciplines of A Leader

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