Sunday 24 January 2021
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Solving the Complexities of Healthcare Will Require a Health Attitude

Health Attitude

TODAYS GUEST Dr. John Patrick, Author of Health Attitude, Unraveling and Solving the Complexities of Healthcare

Dr. Patrick joined us to provide insights to discuss the current issues in healthcare and how to solve them:

  1. What is the state of America’s healthcare compared to that in other countries?
  2. What about ObamaCare? What are the pros and cons and how can it be improved upon?
  3. Mobile health devices and apps are really taking off in the last two years. How long will it be before they enable consumers to help in the diagnosis of disease?
  4. We are also hearing about new “kiosks” that are being developed—similar to ATMs—for virtual doctor visits without appointments. Are these still experimental or are they ready for prime time?
  5. We have talked to several innovative telemedicine vendors in the past few months on our show. After hearing about the promise for 25 years, is now the time for real strides in the increase in patient-doctor consultation via mobile devices?
  6. Tell us more about what a Health Attitude is and how it enabled by Net Attitude which you described in your last book.
  7. What have we missed? What will our audience learn from your book, Health Attitude that we haven’t really discussed yet?

About Dr. Patrick

Dr. John R. Patrick is President of Attitude LLC and former Vice President of Internet Technology at IBM, where he worked for thirty-five years. In addition to holding a Doctorate in Healthcare Administration (DHA), Dr. Patrick has degrees in electrical engineering, management, and law. He has more than four decades of experience in business and nine years serving on the board of a hospital. Described as one of the leading Internet visionaries, his first book, Net Attitude, accurately predicted the evolution of the Internet and its impact on the worlds of business, technology, politics, education, and popular culture.  His new book, Health Attitude, takes his visionary view and applies it to the world of healthcare, predicting its path and challenges for years to come. Dr. Patrick is currently a member of the WCHN Biomedical Research Institute Advisory Council. He lives in Danbury, Connecticut and Palm Coast, Florida with his wife, Joanne.  Connect with Dr. Patrick on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIN!

About Health Attitude
healthattituedAfter John R. Patrick’s career at IBM, he took a seat on the board of a teaching hospital. He was surprised to learn how hospitals and physicians lagged at adopting information technology, and appalled at the needless complexity of healthcare delivery processes. Instead of shaking his head and walking away, Patrick took action. 
The result is a revealing look at the cultural, attitudinal, and technological barriers holding back the United States from achieving a more affordable, accessible, and effective healthcare system. Patrick sees the inability to share personal healthcare information between hospitals, specialists, and primary care doctors as a major problem. He believes increasing collaboration for more effective healthcare is not a technical problem, it is attitudinal. The reliance of the uninsured on expensive emergency care instead of preventive care is not limited by healthcare capabilities, but by the attitude of healthcare policymakers and politicians. Patrick argues we need new attitudes about healthcare to achieve true reform. His vision includes a system focused on patients and uses an accountability oriented, fee for value model. Patrick promotes an attitude that provides incentives for wellness, not sickness. (from


This episode brought to you by CTG Health Solutions, your Trusted #HealthIT Consulting and Services Provider!

This episode brought to you by CTG Health Solutions, your Trusted #HealthIT Consulting and Services Provider!

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