Wednesday 1 February 2023
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When pitching, it’s the stuff you AREN’T doing that makes all the difference

Very excited to welcome Hamish McKenzie to the show! Hamish is the Co-founder of McKenzie Pitch Partners, and is the author of a new book called Pitch: What You’re NOT Doing Makes All the Difference.

Hamish McKenzie, intrepidNOWThe Key Takeaways/topics from today’s conversation:

The most common mistakes most pitch teams make. What are the things we are NOT doing?

Why are we still letting them commoditize us?

We discuss the game-changing Pitch SSP Process [Strategy, Story, Presentation].

Why do pitch teams turn in passive question answerers?

The flawed RFP process can be cited for a lot of problems. But what is an RFP actually, and how do we turn that process into an advantage?

Why do SO MANY pitch teams confuse pitches with power point presentations?

“Individuals make decisions, not companies.”

Get Hamish’s book here:
Pitch: What you’re not doing makes all the difference

About Hamish McKenzie:

Hamish is co-founder of McKenzie Pitch Partners. A proud Australian with a background in corporate banking and sales and operations management, he has spent nearly two decades traveling the globe helping companies ranging from a boutique firm with five employees to an iconic global brand with 62,000 develop winning pitches, cohesive brand strategies, and polished presentation skills. A much-sought-after speaker and facilitator known for his Aussie charm, humor, and willingness to challenge conventional thinking when he thinks it prevents his clients from walking out of a pitch a winner, Hamish has engaged and informed audiences from international sales teams to CEOs.


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