Tuesday 31 January 2023
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Gary Vaynerchuk: Pivots, Gratitude, And The Execution of Big Ideas

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A real pleasure to welcome Gary Vaynerchuk to Intrepid Business! Gary is a best-selling author, speaker, and co-founder and CEO of Vaynermedia.

Today’s show notes:

1. The importance of building a business and life foundation around gratitude.
2. The reasons to make a major life pivot, even though what you’ve been doing is working.
3. “To get permission to be a commentator and be a recognized voice, you must actually do something. You can’t just talk…”
4. How to overcome the fear that holds too many people back from making meaningful pivots in their life.
5. “The people that are most fearful, are the ones who are the most practical…”
6. “Don’t fall in love with just one or two ideas….”
7. The importance of reverse engineering.
8. You have to come up with lots of ideas, knowing that ultimately you will execute on just a few of them…and know going in that it is hard work to execute on that idea.
9. “Being good at running business and executing ideas is a talent, no different than hitting a 100 mph fastball. And you’ve got to put in the time…”
10. The business and life value of family, and what that can mean to you.
11. Finally, a teaser on his next book!

Gary Vaynerchuk

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[note: this was recorded on our cell phones using Google Voice, so I apologize for the quality of the audio…]

You can find Gary’s books here:
Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World

And enjoy this recent keynote with Gary…



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Co-founder of the intrepidNOW Media Network, Todd Schnick is a media + business strategist and talk show host + producer. He is a former marketing strategist, national political operative, and lobbyist. Todd has published five books, writes a business + lifestyle column, is a distance runner, and lives in Chicago with his wife Stephanie + family.

3 thoughts on “Gary Vaynerchuk: Pivots, Gratitude, And The Execution of Big Ideas

  1. Doug Lehman

    Nice Interview Todd. I appreciate your line of questioning. Gary has been interviewed a million times and you brought out some insightful information . Well Done and worth a listen.. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Todd Schnick Post author

    Thanks, as always, for listening Doug. And yeah, twas a thrill to chat with Gary. I always learn something from him, and he is certainly inspiring…

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