Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Chris Brogan: Freaks shall inherit the Earth

Chris BroganReally great to welcome my friend, Chris Brogan, who joins me to discuss his latest book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth. Chris is the CEO + Publisher of Owner Media Group.

Today’s discussion guide:

1. Are you a freak? Freak defined.

1.5. Chris describes some examples of freak businesses. And they aren’t what you expect.

2. Why do we call these people freaks? Isn’t this mindset the new way to do business? Will there come a day when doing business this way won’t be considered freakish?

3. Why do people play it safe? Is this all still fear-based?

4. Evolving and reinventing yourself (and your business) over time? Isn’t this a natural and expected thing?

5. This is all about belonging, closely identifying to a like-minded group of other freaks, and raising each other up.

6. Explains the monchu (the true secret to Chris Brogan’s success).

7. Can you properly execute the freak mindset offline? Or do you really need to engage in some technology and digital social platforms?

8. The importance of clarity: “You need to understand, truly understand, your business to the molecular level.”

9. Doesn’t this all boil down to truly doing business in a more human way?

You can find Chris Brogan’s latest book here (affiliate link):
The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth


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