Tuesday 29 September 2020
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Bill Wooditch: How to Play Life (and Business) Forward!

Joined on the show today by Bill Wooditch, who joined us to discuss his latest book, Always Forward!: Discover the 7 Secrets of Sales Success. Bill is also the CEO and Founder of Think Next, Act Now! You can learn more about him by clicking here!

Bill Wooditch

Discussion guide from today’s chat with Bill Wooditch:

1. Why you have to be both responsible and accountable for YOUR life. And why most of us aren’t…

2. Why is it essential to think, plan, and act as the CEO of your life?

3. How do you develop the franchise of “you”?

4. Why you need to “play life forward!” For the record, Bill ends every email with “Always Forward!”

5. The importance of knowing yourself. And most of us don’t.

6. How can you lessen the impact of regret in your life?

And so much more! Such as this from Bill:

Purpose, passion and conviction are words without the activation, the vibrant vitality of actualization from people who immerse themselves in this process known as life. The message must be in alignment with the messenger, and the messenger must believe the message. People buy from emotion… people feel conviction, confidence, and they experience confidence. Intelligent risk, unwavering willpower, learned skill, adaptability and agility = forward motion. Life supports forward, Always Forward!

Bill Wooditch

About Bill Wooditch:

Bill is a keynote speaker and high-performance business training coach. He is a mentor and advocate for those who actively seek and are determined to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

He worked for two Fortune 500 companies and became the top salesperson in both.

He is the founder, CEO, and president of The Wooditch Group, a privately held risk management and insurance services firm. The Wooditch Group provides client-centric solutions and comprehensive risk management programs for clients whose revenues range from $10 million to $1 billion throughout the United States. He is also the founder of Think Next, Act Now!, a company that trains and mentors tomorrow’s entrepreneur today.



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