Tuesday 22 September 2020
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Alen Mayer: Introverts in Business

Alen Mayer, intrepidNOW

Today, joined by my good friend, Alen Mayer, sales mastermind and author of the new book, Introverts in Business. Learn more about Alen Mayer here…

Discussion guide:

Introverts, extroverts, and… ambiverts?

Is the “open office” working environment the best way to organize your work space?

Can an introvert be a successful salesman?

How many introverts are in your workplace?

How managers can create a cohesive team of both extroverts and introverts.

How hiring factors into introverts vs. extroverts? How do you assign people to the right role?

Why introverts make EXCEPTIONAL CEOs!

Can an introvert succeed as a modern-day entrepreneur? How?

alenmajer B+WAbout Alen Mayer

Alen Mayer, aka Chief Sales Introvert, is a trusted coach and mentor to introverted business people. He helps leaders enlarge their circles by involving introverts more and tap into their team members’ individual strengths to increase their results.

Alen Mayer helps with the team alignment – he can help you align teams by breaking down the unspoken barriers between extroverts and introverts and getting the communication flowing.


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Introverts in Business: Being Quietly Successful

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