Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Posts by: Todd Schnick

Chuck Ganapathi

Chuck Ganapathi: The true facilitation of human business

Joined today by Chuck Ganapathi, Founder + CEO of Tactile (link). He joined me to discuss his organizations first app, Tact: Finely tuned...


ICD-10: How to Avoid Déjà Vu All Over Again

This is a guest post by Jim Hennessy, CEO of e4 Services and a regular guest of the ICD-10 Roundtable. Let me start with a prediction...

Alan C. Fox

Deciding to take the UP elevator of life

Joined today by Alan Fox, the President of ACF Property Management, Inc., and best-selling author. Today, Alan joins me to discuss his...

Bill Brunnelle

Bill Brunelle of Independent We Stand

Today’s discussion: The free Independent We Stand mobile app doesn’t just help you find stores or restaurants; it does much more...

Tim Peterson

On Arbor’s Tim Peterson: Bitcoin and the future of publishing

WHO: Dr. Tim Peterson WHAT: Founder + CEO WHERE: ON ARBOR Today’s discussion guide: 1. What is Bitcoin? In laymen’s...

Denis Budniewski

Courage and Creative Leadership

Welcome to Episode Eight of The Seven C’s of Creative Leadership. Today, we discuss the seventh and final “C” –...

Mike Dubin

Dollar Shave Club’s Mike Dubin: Stubbornness, frustration, and power of your backside

A fun show to kick off the holiday week, recorded on a Saturday night! Very pleased to welcome Mike Dubin to the show! Mike is the Founder...

Tom Rath

Tom Rath: Eat, move, and sleep your way to better business and life

Several years ago, Mrs. Schnick got me Tom Rath’s Strengthsfinder 2.0, and I became a fan. So, I was very pleased when Tom joined me...

Ben Huston

BEN HUSTON: How Car Vending Machines Will Disrupt the Auto Industry!

After listening to this, you will never buy a used car the same way again… Ben Huston is the director of market operations and...

Sarah Kathleen Peck: It starts with…writing

A special honor to spend some quality time with my friend Sarah Kathleen Peck, a writer, designer, and storyteller. Sarah joined me to talk...