Monday 24 April 2017
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Scott DInsmore

Scott Dinsmore: A tribute to living your legend

I am saddened by the loss of a truly inspirational gentleman, Scott Dinsmore. Scott was the magic behind Live Your Legend, a web community...

Todd Schnick, live simple

Live simple by learning to live with less stuff

Several years ago now, my life was at a severe crossroads. I was not happy, I was not fulfilled, and I wasn’t certain about what it all...

DragonCon, intrepidnow

#DragonCon 2015: Getting your costumed fandom freak on!

Dragon Con serves as a convention for people who like unusual things and it certainly has its own culture, as Dan adds, “This started out...

Scott Ginsberg, intrepidNOW

Eyes Full of Dreams: A masterclass + documentary!

Scott Ginsberg has recently finished and released a new film entitled Eyes Full of Dreams. You can view the film and learn more about it BY...

Todd Schnick, intrepidnow

10 guidelines for simpler and happier living!

Here is everything I know about how to be happy, and to live the simple life. Let me assure you, I did it wrong for a long, long time. The...

My Hurricane Katrina Story

Hurricane Katrina was a devastating storm that did tremendous damage to the Gulf Coast.  When people talk about Katrina, they talk about...

Beth Bridges, intrepidNOW

The Power of Positive Jealousy

[Beth Bridges, a regular contributor to intrepidNOW, writes about how to break through personal barriers with regards to both individual...

Sheraton Atlanta, intrepidNOW

Sheraton Atlanta and Fandanagles: Spearheading the new downtown!

Some very exciting things happening in the resurgence of downtown Atlanta! Undergoing a 20 MILLION dollar renovation, we were joined by:...

Todd Schnick, Wela

Todd Schnick on the Wela Podcast: Talking politics and podcasting!

Was a real pleasure to join the Wela crew for their great podcast. You can find the original posting here. On the show, we talked about...

StoryCorps, intrepidNOW

The wicked cool story of @StoryCorps

On this week’s Around Atlanta edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, Daniel Horowitz Garcia, regional manager for StoryCorps, and...